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Project Management

At Ascenth, our project management services ensure the seamless execution of your clinical trials from start to finish. Our experienced project managers are dedicated to delivering high-quality results through meticulous planning, coordination, and oversight.

  • Site Management: Comprehensive management of clinical trial sites to ensure adherence to protocols and regulatory requirements.
  • Site Selection: Leveraging our vast network of high-performing sites across the United States, which strictly follow GCP guidelines. Our sites are known for rapid start-up times and the production of quality data.
  • Recruitment Strategy Development: Crafting effective recruitment strategies to ensure timely enrollment and retention of study participants.
  • Regulatory Submission Support: Assisting with regulatory submissions to local and central IRBs, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained efficiently.
  • Site Monitoring Plan Development: Creating robust site monitoring plans to ensure compliance and high-quality data collection throughout the trial.
  • Site Performance Review: Continuously reviewing site performance to identify and address any issues promptly.
  • Logistic Support: Providing logistical support to streamline trial operations and ensure smooth execution.
  • Quality Management: Implementing comprehensive quality management practices to maintain the highest standards of trial conduct and data integrity.
  • Data Management and Biostatistics Oversight: Overseeing data management and biostatistics to ensure accurate data analysis and reporting.
  • Trial Master File Management: Maintaining and managing the Trial Master File to ensure proper documentation and compliance.
  • Laboratory Integration and Management: Coordinating and managing laboratory services to support trial needs.
  • Vendor Management: Effectively managing vendor relationships to ensure reliable and high-quality services.
  • Medical Writing: Delivering precise and comprehensive medical writing services to support trial documentation and reporting.
  • Open and Transparent Communication: Ensuring open and transparent communication with sponsors, fostering collaboration and trust throughout the trial process.

Our project management team is committed to delivering successful clinical trials by focusing on efficiency, quality, and effective collaboration. Partner with us to experience a seamless and expertly managed clinical trial process.

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