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Biostatistics is central to the success of any clinical trial. At [CRO Name], our expertise in biostatistics ensures that every aspect of your clinical trial is meticulously planned and executed. We emphasize precision in our statistical analyses, ensuring that the data we generate is both accurate and reliable. Our team is committed to maintaining strict regulatory compliance, adhering to all industry standards and guidelines. By providing comprehensive data analysis, we enable you to make informed decisions and gain meaningful insights from your clinical trials. Trust ASCENTH to deliver biostatistical services that are pivotal to the integrity and success of your research.

  • Sample Size and Power Calculation: Ensuring optimal sample size and power to achieve statistically significant results, while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  • Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP): Developing comprehensive and detailed SAPs to guide the statistical analysis process and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Database Standardization: Implementing database standardization techniques to facilitate accurate and consistent data analysis.
  • Tables, Figures, and Listings (TFLs): Creating clear and precise TFLs to present clinical trial data in a meaningful and interpretable manner.
  • Interim and Final Analysis of Data: Conducting interim analyses to monitor ongoing trial progress and final analyses to assess overall outcomes.
  • Develop Statistical Reports: Compiling thorough statistical reports that summarize findings, methodologies, and interpretations, providing a clear overview of trial results.
  • Validating the Data: Performing rigorous data validation to ensure the accuracy and reliability of statistical analyses.
  • Safety and Efficacy Data Calculation: Calculating and interpreting safety and efficacy data to evaluate the benefits and risks of investigational treatments.
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