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Privacy Policy

Ascenth is committed to providing secure safeguarding of your personal information as required by law. We respect that you have allowed us the opportunity to collect, use and disclose this information in connection with our researchers, trial sponsors and any identity (third party) deemed prevalent to that Clinical research. Ascenth abides by all required laws and understands the importance of limiting the exposure of your personal information and collects only the necessary data to complete the clinical trial. By providing Ascenth with your information through our programs, you acknowledge that you have read, agreed and understand the process of collection, review and storage of your data. Ascenth, would like to contact you through text, email or phone call from time to time to assess your interest in participating in the Clinical Trial available. In addition, we may also send you Newsletters and promotional emails about our services. If you deceide not to rerceive any communiucation from us, you may email back with “Unscribe” in the subject.

Your personal information will be stored in our Database for the forceable fure. If you wish to review, amend or delete any part of your information or restrict it’s use, you may request so at Even though we make all effort to keep your personal information secure, realistically we can not fully eliminate the risks, as with any other company.